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You will first drive up the Pan American Highway, passing plantations of coffee, bananas, mangoes and sugar cane. Climb the 8,878 feet (2,708 meters) to reach the active Poas Volcano. Waterfall, La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park and Wildlife Refuge, Cost Rica. The well-maintained paths surrounding the volcano introduce you to the exuberant vegetation of Costa Rica's cloud forest and secondary forest. On a clear day, look for the lake at the bottom of the crater, whose muddy waters change colors depending on the degree of volcanic activity.

Butterfly Observatory, La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park and Wildlife Refuge, Costa RicaAt La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park and Wildlife Refuge, you will discover one of the world's largest butterfly farm observatories. The Butterfly Observatory spans the length of a football field and reaches a height of 50 feet (15 meters). This enclosed structure allows butterflies to soar freely while guests walk amid their habitat. Here you can observe 22 different butterfly species in their natural habitat, learning about their intriguing metamorphosis cycle. In addition, there is a fascinating hummingbird garden with 24 different species; a frog pond with nocturnal, diurnal and poisonous frogs; a serpentarium with 30 of the most beautiful snakes of the country, and an orchid garden in which stands the national flower. It is recommended to wear light clothing, walking shoes, insect repellent and don't forget binoculars and a raincoat! Lunch is included (L)