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Riverboat Safaris

3, 4 & 6-Day Cruises

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M/V Amazon Clipper

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M/V Amazon Clipper
Come explore the Amazon by taking a boat safari into the Anavilhanas Archipelago, to the unique ecosystems of the Rio Negro. This great tributary of the Amazon River flows north of Manaus and is characterized by its dark, acidic water, where few insects can breed. This leaves the environment almost mosquito-free! It also accounts for flora that differs from the rest of the jungle areas around Manaus.

The M/V Amazon Clipper is part of the traditional Clipper Fleet which contains several boats with similar comfort and facilities, such as air-conditioned cabins with private toilet, covered dining room with bar and library and a 360° view sundeck.Meeting of the Waters and the Guedes Floodland

An Amazon riverboat with traditional lines, the M/V Amazon Clipper accommodates 16 passengers.

Departures from Tropical Manaus Pier
Cruises the Rio Negro and/or the Rio Solimoes
3 Days: MON-WED – Rio Solimoes Cruise
4 Days: WED-SAT – Rio Negro Cruise
6 Days: MON-SAT – Combo Cruise