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M/V Ventus Australis
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M/V Ventus Australis

The M/V Ventus Australis, Latin for "Southern Wind", launched in January 2018, is custom-made for exploring South America's remote southern tip. Everything about the 210 passenger ship including size, length, draft and engines is designed to give M/V Ventus Australis the necessary maneuverability to navigate narrow fjords and channels where no other cruise ship can venture. M/V Ventus Australis complies with the latest regulations regarding safety at sea and protecting the marine environment, as all of Australis Patagonia fleet does.

The 110 spacious cabins feature cozy beds, full bathrooms and panoramic views of the Patagonian landscape unfolding outside. The dining room provides buffet breakfasts and lunches and four-course dinners that blend continental and Chilean cuisine. The galley also caters to special dietary requests. The all-inclusive bar features a wide selection of excellent Chilean wines, liquors, and local craft beers, as well as the trademark Calafate Sour.

Onboard the M/V Ventus Australis is a library with extensive literature on Patagonian flora, fauna and history. Or passengers can enjoy board games and other onboard entertainment activities. Zodiac boats are used for shore excursions, easily navigating remote bays and shallow waters. During the voyage, English-speaking guides and guest lectures deliver presentations and slide shows on many aspects of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

M/V Ventus Australis Route Maps
From Punta Arenas (Chile) to Ushuaia (Argentina)
From Ushuaia (Argentina) to Punta Arenas (Chile)

M/V Ventus Australis
"Voyages to the Tip of the World"

Cruise Rates, Departure Dates and Terms & Conditions*
Print/Download M/V Stella Australis and M/V Ventus Australis 2021-2022 Cruise Rates, Departure Dates and Terms and ConditionsM/V Stella Australis & M/V Ventus Australis Rates, Departure Dates & Terms 2021-2022 (142K PDF)

Deck Plans and Cabin Details*
Print/Download M/V Stella Australis and M/V Ventus Australis Deck Plans and Cabin DetailsM/V Stella Australis & M/V Ventus Australis Deck Plans and Cabin Details (296K PDF)
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*Note: Cruises Ushuaia/Punta Arenas or v/v are NOT included in the quoted tour rates. The cruise rates are additional, based on the category and season.

Cabins, Dining Room & Lounge

AAA Superior Double Cabin, M/V Ventus Australis
AAA Superior Double Cabin

Matrimonial Cabin A, M/V Ventus Australis
Matrimonial Cabin
Darwin Lounge, M/V Ventus Australis
Darwin Lounge
Matrimonial Cabin A, M/V Ventus Australis
Dining Room

M/V Ventus Australis Technical Specifications
Vessel Name
M/V Ventus Australis

Required Clothing for Expeditions on the M/V Stella Australis

Summer nights and sometimes during the day the Patagonian climate is cold. Sweaters, jackets, pants, knitted beanie hats and rain garments are recommended during the excursions. For exploring and walking, gloves and a pair of firm shoes or boots are suitable.

Category Expedition Cruise - Ice-strengthend
Luxury Star Rating 5
Gross Tonnage 4508 (TRG)
Length 89 meters
Draft 3 meters
Beam 14.6 meters
Speed 13 kn / 24 kph / 15 mph
Decks 5
Shipyard ASENAV (Chile)
Owner Australis Cruises Patagonia
Construction/Launched Year 2016/2018
Crew 62
Guests 210
Protection of the Environment The protection and preservation of nature is a permanent preoccupation of Cruceros Australis. For such purpose, we use specialized processes to prevent damaging the beautiful spots of the region, such as the separation of oil waste and other contaminating fluids, which are later deposited at port; compacting and deposit of garbage at port, and a sewage and solid waste treatment plant.