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Tikal Inn Hotel - Tikal, Guatemala
Bungalows, Tikal Inn Hotel, Tikal, GuatemalaThe Hotel Tikal Inn is only a 10-minute walk to the center of the Mayan ruins. It is one of two hotels within the boundaries of the National Park, surrounded by the pristine rainforest in Peten. The Hotel Tikal Inn has 17 rooms as well as bungalows. All rooms have private bathrooms and are clean and simple. The Tikal Inn also features a swimming pool and in the hotel gardens you can admire the keel-billed toucans, howler and spider monkeys. The accommodations at the Tikal Inn include hot and cold showers, two double beds, ceiling fans,and a private porch.
Photo Gallery
Front Sign, Tikal Inn Hotel, Tikal, Guatemala
Front Sign
Tikal Inn Hotel
Standard Room, Tikal Inn Hotel, Tikal, Guatemala
Standard Room
Tikal Inn Hotel
Swimming Pool, Tikal Inn Hotel, Tikal, Guatemala
Swimming Pool
Tikal Inn Hotel