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Routes of M/V Stella Australis & M/V Via Australis through the Strait of Magellan.

EcoAdventures Strait of Magellan cruises with Cruceros Australis Expedition Cruises.

Come visit "the uttermost part of the earth" aboard Cruceros Australis’ modern cruise ships M/V Stella Australis and M/V Ventus Australis. Explore the legendary channels and waterways plied by the early European navigators and the native inhabitants of this remote South American area as beautiful as it is still untamed...perhaps more pristine and captivating than you ever imagined. Cruceros Australis has been sharing this unforgettable experience at "the far end of the earth" with travelers from around the world since 1991.

The Ships
M/V Stella Australis M/V Ventus Australis