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M/V Delfin I Amazon River Cruise, Iquitos, Peru
Pacaya-Samiria Reserve
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M/V Delfin I exploring the remote tributaries of the upper Amazon River.
The M/V Delfin I is a three-deck, steel-hulled, trimaran river boat built in 1982 and completely refurbished in 2010. Due to her very shallow draft (4.5 feet), she provides travelers with a comfortable, yet adventurous way to visit the remote tributaries of the upper Amazon. Small motor launches take passengers on excursions to remote tributaries and lakes.

The M/V Delfin I takes you one step beyond luxury, where comfort and grace combine effortlessly with the wilderness of the Amazon in the most unique and personalized vessel to cruise the Amazon River. In a setting of understated elegance and world-class hospitality, this vessel features artwork by the women of Puerto Miguel Community and with your purchases, buying this beautiful work will help provide the children of this community with enough school aids to be used for an entire school year.

Dining on the M/V Delfin I offers an unrivalled level of sophistication, and the luxury of tasting simple and natural products. Peruvian cuisine combines the Amazonian wild and fresh ingredients and the gentle blend of immigrant traditions, creating one of the world's most unique and delicious cuisines.M/V Delfin I's cozy wood-paneled dining room, located on the Upper Deck, has panoramic windows and air-conditioning.

The M/V Delfin I is one of the more luxurious options to experience an Amazon cruise. The boat offers accommodation for a maximum of eight passengers in four cabins. All of the cabins are equipped with private bathrooms, water heater and air-conditioning. The beds have latex pillows and 100% cotton sheets, summer weight blankets, pillow cases and bathrobes.

Main Deck
: The main deck has two Master Deluxe Suites with king beds or separate twins.
Upper Deck: The upper deck has two Master Suites with king beds.
Dining Room: Cozy wood-paneled dining room with panoramic windows, air-conditioned, located on the upper deck at the back side of the ship with capacity for eight passengers.In addition, there is a fully stainless steel kitchen with see-through window, so passengers can enjoy watching the chef in action.

Social Areas

Observation Deck and Lounge Area:

•Wood floor, 1,372 sq. feet / 140 sq. meters
•Fully-stocked bar and grill
•Comfortable reclining chairs
•Cushioned sofas
•All open space but protected when raining with plastic curtains falling all around the ship as required.
•Video/DVD player, and plasma screen

•Four ceiling fans
•Extensive Amazon library


M/V Delfin I Trimaran
M/V Delfin I Trimaran

Lounge, M/V Delfin I
Bar, M/V Delfin I
Dining Room, M/V Delfin I
Dining Room

Living Room/Observation Deck, M/V Delfin I
Living Room/Observation Deck

•Two 8-seater aluminum skiffs propelled by 40hp Yamaha engines, with individual lifevests
•Plastic ponchos with hood for rain and rubber boots
•Flashlights for night outings
•Fishing canes