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Mountain Lodges of Peru
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MHiking Salcantay Pass, while staying at Mountain Lodges Peru.ountain Lodges of Peru has developed a unique program in which you can experience hiking to Machu Picchu from lodge to lodge, enjoying the comfort and service of four top-quality mountain lodges, located in pristine areas, and finally arriving at Machu Picchu.
Hot Tub, Mountain Lodges Peru

Mountain Lodge's crown jewel is the Salkantay Lodge & Adventure Resort (SLAR), located in the high Andean valley of Soraypampa, at 12,070 feet above sea level. In addition to the high quality, Andean Energetic Cuisine, the lodge offers an outdoor hot tub, a cozy reading room, bar/lounge, and 12 well-appointed private double or twin rooms with private bathrooms and hot showers.

The enchanting Soraypampa Valley is also the starting point for Mountain Lodges' alternative four-day Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu, in which trekkers enjoy one night each at the Trekkers Lodges, located at strategic points along the route:Salcantay Pass, Mountain Lodges Peru Huayraccmachay, Collpapampa, and Lucabamba. Although smaller than the base lodge SLARHiking above the Urubamba River, on EcoAdventures' Mountain Lodges Peru trek. (only six guest rooms each), these lodges also offer the same amenities, with the exception of Lucabamba, which does not have a hot tub.

In this trek you will climb down from 12,800 to 7,000 feet, traversing magnificent mountain passes in the shadow of enormous, snow-clad mountain peaks, and experiencing more than nine different ecosystems. Moreover, the chances of ethnic and cultural exchanges are ever-present with indigenous populations who still maintain their ancient customs and heritage from Inca and pre-Incan times.

Mountain Lodge Photos
Hallway, Wayra Lodge, Peru
Wayra Lodge
Mountain Lodge's crown jewel is the Salcantay Lodge and Adventure Resort (SLAR), located in the high Andean valley of Soraypampa
Salkantay Lodge &
Adventure Resort (SLAR)
Pueblo Hotel, Peru
Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

Lucma Lodge, Peru
Lucma Lodge

Colpa Lodge, Peru

Colpa Lodge