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EcoAdventures Latin America Travel Agents Workshops

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EcoAdventures Latin America Travel Agents Workshops

Thanks to everyone for attending EcoAdventures' seminars. If you missed them or would like to learn more about the many exciting destinations Central and South America have to offer, be sure to check back here often or call EcoAdventures toll free at 800-818-8707.

The seminars, conducted by Alma Megeath, President of EcoAdventures, Inc., have earned a reputation over the years as the most educational seminars in the industry! There is always lots of literature and the latest hand-outs on the table top displays, making the seminars mini-trade shows.

Due to their in-depth nature, these workshops require three hours of your time (four including breakfast, lunch or dinner), but are absolutely FREE!

Learn about the rich and varied destinations that Central and South America have to offer:

: Antiquities and Colonial Highlands
Belize: Jungles, Archaeology, and Coral Reefs
Costa Rica: Rainforests, Cloud Forests, Volcanoes, and Beaches
Panama: Cruises and the Canal
Ecuador: Indian Markets, Country Inns, and the Galapagos Islands
Peru & Bolivia: Ancient Mysteries, Remote Rainforests, and the highest Andes.
Chile & Argentina: European Cities, Wineries, Lakes and Forests, and the Glaciers of Patagonia
Brazil: Thundering Iguassu Falls, Sizzling Rio, Baroque Colonial Cities, Romantic Beaches, the Pantanal and the Amazon Jungle