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Tren Crucero - Luxury Train of Ecuador

Currently Tren Crucero is not running - Please contact us for other exciting alternatives.
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Tren Crucero, luxury train of Ecuador as it wends through Ecuador's majestic landscapes.

Paalace Tours' Tren Crucero is a luxury train covering special attractions of the Ecuadorian mainland as it makes its way between the Andes and the coast. On this unforgettable journey, you will experience:

•Four seasons in 5-13 days as you travel between the Andes and the coast
•Breathtaking landscapes that constantly change as the train makes its way through the country
•Diverse geographic features of Ecuador, including highlands, tropics, and fertile coasts
•People waving with excitement as your train passes through different towns
•Cultural exchanges that positively impact local communities

Luxury Ecuadorian Train Tours

Following an investment of some $280 million in the rehabilitation of 283 miles of Ecuador’s railway system, the luxury Tren Crucero was launched in June, 2014. The 5, 12 and 13-day adventures are an experience for all the senses, bringing guests into close contact with the people and landscapes of the Andes and the Coastal regions, while riding in comfort aboard custom-designed carriages – with some sections using restored, 20th century steam locomotives.

The Tren Crucero travels from Quito to Guayaquil on the coast, or vice versa, over four days with overnights in traditional country inns. The route includes the dramatic 'Devil's Nose' segment, connecting the Andes and the Coast, the main reason the Ecuadorian system is regarded as 'the most difficult railway in the world'.

The four thematically styled carriages carry 54 guests through different, fascinating regions and peoples. Two of the four carriages are furnished with tables and chairs where guests can enjoy a light aperitif, read a book or simply enjoy the scenery rolling past the large picture windows. One of these coaches is equipped with personal lockers for storage, while a third offers a coffee bar where the crew serves beverages and snacks including Ecuadorian favorites. The last carriage comprises two sections: the first with a lounge area for socializing and the second with an open terrace where guests can travel amid the elements, as the train wends its way through Ecuador's majestic landscapes.

All of the trips include: the train ride; overnights in selected hotels or haciendas; meals with Ecuadorian dishes in each region; guided excursions to the main natural and cultural attractions; bilingual English/Spanish guides; and excursions aboard a tourist bus.

Tren Crucero Route Map
Ecuadorian luxury train Tren Crucero route map

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Tren Crucero Luxury Experience in Ecuador from Quito to Guayaquil
5 Days/4 Nights
Cities : Quito, Guayaquil

Travel from Quito to Guayaquil on board the The Tren Crucero in South America on this 4 night 5 day journey

Taste of Luxury Rails in South America
Tren Crucero, Vista Dome & Belmond Andean Explorer

13 Days/12 Nights
Cities : Duran, Yaguachi, Bucay, Alausí, Colta, Riobamba, Urbina, Quito, Lima, Cusco,
Písac, Ollantaytambo

One tour with the best luxury trains in South America in one trip covering Ecuador (Tren Cruero)
and Peru (Vista Dome) and the all NEW Belmond Andean Explorer.

Great South American Luxury Train Journey
12 Days/11 Nights
Cities: Quito, Urbina, Riobamba, Colta, Guamote, Alausí, Bucay, Guayaquil, Lima, Cusco,
Machu Picchu, Puno

Experience the best luxury trains in South America in one trip - The Great South American Luxury Train.
Experience Travel on the Tren Crucero in Ecuador.
Voted the best train in South America from Quito to Guayaquil, and travel to Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu.

Tren Crucero Luxury Experience in Ecuador from Guayaquil to Quito
5 Days/4 Nights
Cities: Duran, Bucay, Riobamba, Quito

Take the most luxurious train experience - The Tren Crucero in South America from Guayaquil to Quito

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