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Peruvian Amazon River Cruises & Safaris Overview
Pacaya-Samiria Natural Reserve
Expedition Cruises
Fly north from Lima to Iquitos, situated at the source of the mighty Amazon River. The Amazon is over 4,000 miles long and is the world's largest river in terms of volume of water. The Amazon and its thousands of tributaries create a vast ecosystem that has been called the 'lungs of the earth' because it continuously recycles carbon dioxide into oxygen, and is the most plant-rich environment in the world.
Cruise the majestic Amazon River aboard the M/V Aqua or M/V Delfin I and enjoy scenes such as this in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve! The black water creates a perfect mirror of the surrounding forest.
Amazon River Tributary "Mirrored Forest"

Although it is awesome to behold, the Amazon is so wide at spots that you cannot see to the far shore. The true eco-experience is to get off the Amazon and explore the many small tributaries and flood plains where the forest closes in around you, and is home to a richness of flora and fauna.

Exploring the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve - The Mirrored Forest

Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is located in Peru's Amazon region, 93 miles from Iquitos. The Reserve is a triangular-shaped area between the Maranon and Ucayali Rivers. These rivers intersect at the northeastern tip of the Reserve, marking the beginning of what is considered the Amazon proper.

Pacaya-Samiria Natural Reserve

It has also been called the 'Mirrored Forest' due to the many calm lagoons, perfectly reflecting the forest in the still waters (above). The basins of the Pacaya and Samiria Rivers have been protected by the Peruvian government since 1940. The area was declared a National Reserve in 1972 and enlarged to its present size of 5,137,000 acres in 1982. The Reserve is the largest in Peru, the second largest in the Amazon region, and the fourth largest in all of South America. It is also the largest protected flood forest in the Amazon region. The great size of the Reserve assures that it will be ecologically and genetically representative of the region, with an abundance of virtually unchanged areas.

The climate of the region is tropical moist with an average temperature of 80 degrees F; highly humid; with an annual rainfall up to 3,000 mm (118 inches); its surface is mostly flat, with seasonal floods, in a setting of luxuriant vegetation and networks of winding rivers.


You commence your cruise westward, hugging the riverbank to maximize the wildlife viewing opportunities in the Pacaya-Samiria Natural ReserveThe Reserve is home to aquatic animals such as Amazon manatees, pink and grey river dolphins, two species of caiman, Giant South American river turtles, and many others. Monkeys and birds are abundant (over 449 bird species in 288 genus and 61 familes).

In this carefully protected area there are 85 lakes, 250 species of fish, 132 mammals species and 150 reptile species. The Reserve is home to the largest variety of flora in Peru among which number 22 species of orchids.

4 & 5-Day Expedition Cruises
These exciting programs provide the unique opportunity to explore the reserve via shallow-draft river boats especially built to navigate the flood waters of the area. Each boat offers both comfort and adventure, each in their own style.
M/V Delfin I
4 Days: MON-THU
5 Days: THU-MON
M/V Delfin II
4 Days: SUN-WED
5 Days: WED-SUN
M/V Delfin I Trimaran
M/V Delfin II
M/V Delfin III
4 Days: SAT-TUE
5 Days: TUE-SAT
M/V Aria
4 Days: FRI-MON
5 Days: MON-FRI
M/V Delfin III
M/V Aria