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Las Dunas Hotel - Ica, Peru
Courtyard, Hotel Las Dunas, Ica, PeruThe Hotel Las Dunas is a first class resort located in the lush desert oasis of Ica, the wine capital of Peru. This Moorish-style hotel is named for the golden sand dunes that surround it, and features white stucco with beautiful hand-painted tiles, and lots of pools and fountains. The 100 rooms are equipped with phone, minibar, and color TV, and the hotel has two restaurants, bars, 24-hour room service, swimming pool with waterslide, tennis courts, golf course, volleyball court, gym, sauna, massage service, discotheque, playground, and extensive gardens.
Photo Gallery
Standard room, Hotel Las Dunas, Ica, Peru
Standard Room
Las Dunas Hotel
  Patio dining, Hotel Las Dunas, Ica, Peru
Patio Dining
Las Dunas Hotel  
Pool and waterslide, Hotel Las Dunas, Ica, Peru
Pool & Waterslide
Las Dunas Hotel
Sand dune horseback riding, Hotel Las Dunas, Ica, Peru
Sand Dune Horseback Riding
Las Dunas Hotel