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EcoAdventures custom FIT travel service to Latin America is fabulous!

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I'll say, EcoAdventures created a fantastic Latin American itinerary for us!

We had a fantastic time in Costa Rica (as suspected)

Hi Sue,

I've been meaning to write you. We had a fantastic time in Costa Rica (as suspected). We should be getting our photos within the next couple days and then maybe Bill and I can find some time to stop by to say hello.

EcoAdventures booked our trips through Central American Tours. So we were greeted by an agent from CAT upon arrival. En route to the hotel, she reviewed our itinerary and gave us our pick-up times for all transportation and tours during our stay in Costa Rica. She said everything was confirmed. We just needed to be in the lobby at that time (give or take 10 minutes). She gave us her office number, home phone number and cell phone number. She told us not to hesitate to call her night or day, if we had any problems. Of course, we didn't have any problems; everything was perfect and hassle free. Even our flights with Continental were on time and they had our special meals.

We loved the country and the people. When we arrived at Tabacon our room wasn't yet ready, so we were forced to wait in the hot springs :-) The hot springs were fabulous. I think we went 3 times in 2 days. We were told that was where they filmed the movie Congo. We saw the volcano without clouds for only a very brief moment. We also got to see a bit of lava flowing down the side one night.

Monteverde was perhaps the highlight of my trip (although I could have permanently taken up residence at the hot springs). The area was magical. We enjoyed the skywalk and we went on a guided tour of the Monteverde Reserve, which was awesome. Our tour guide was the man who runs the reserve. His name is Sergio (a native Costa Rican) and he is a world-renowned botanist. He does work for the BBC and writes for a couple Japanese newspapers . . . and of course he does extensive work in Costa Rica. He said he got his start in life as a tour guide; so he will also remember his start and he plans to never quit doing tours on the side. He normally did tours in the morning but we had already booked a skywalk. The woman at our hotel talked him into doing the tour with us. The park closed at 4pm, but he has an office in the park, so he came and went as he pleased. We never finished our tour until ~ 6:30pm that evening. He was remarkable — and he only charged us $15/each for a 4-hour private tour.

We even found time in Monteverde to do one of the canopy tours :-) Nothing like swinging in the trees like a monkey.

From Monteverde we went to Manuel Antonio. Here the weather went from cool and windy to warm and muggy. The beaches are beautiful and the park was gorgeous. We did only the tour of Manuel Antonio which was already pre-booked, since we were running low on energy. We spent the rest of our time enjoying the pool, the public beach and the guarro, and trying to rest up a bit before returning home.

All of our hotel accommodations were great. We liked all the properties. They upgraded us from a junior suite at El Establo to a full suite. It was like living in a Swiss chalet. We had two floors all to ourselves with a great view of the mountains in the distance. We woke up each morning to a beautiful rainbow.

At Si Como No they upgraded us from a deluxe room to a deluxe suite. So once again we hit the jackpot. The room was fabulous. It was a first class property. We even took in a movie one night at their private theater.

We loved the food everywhere we went in Costa Rica. We never did get our fill of beans and rice. We made a big pit of beans Sunday night upon returning and we have been eating them every day. I just wish I had brought back some guarro.

Anyhow, we'll try to stop by soon and drop off some pictures of us.

Take Care. I'll talk to you soon.

Ann Edwards
Booked by Sue at Candy's Carefree Travel, Modesto, CA